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affordable seoImprove traffic to your OnKitz website with our Affordable SEO Package. Every month our SEO experts will promote over 100 specific back links, 10 Social Media feeds including twitter and facebook, 10 online articles and supporting bookmarking to ensure successful Google indexing and search presence.

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Back Linking: OnKitz affordable SEO package will promote over 100 high value back links for specific targeting of high value keyword phrases. Whilst we appreciate there are ways of obtaining cheap back links, we base our service on the highest value of links and not mass. Using our own network of high value blogs and social media sites, we will deliver the best quality of links in to your pages, allowing search engines the knowledge they are quality and not quantity based.

affordable seo

Affordable SEO by OnKitz

Social Media: OnKitz affordable SEO package will improve social media presence including Twitter and Facebook feeds (10 per month) targeted at high value keyword phrases. Many business use social media in many different ways – by this we mean Twitter and Facebook. The only difference is being able to use it, control it and make sure it is optimized for the benefit of the audience. Having the knowledge of the sales and marketing industry helps, especially when used in the right way.

Article Marketing: OnKitz affordable SEO package will generate 10 industry specific articles, tailored towards high value keyword phrases, that point directly towards search engine optimised pages. Creating articles can be straight forward, but knowing how to get them to visit your website once they have read it is a completely different thing. With many years of Article Marketing for OnKitz is aware of how important a role this plays.

affordable seo

Affordable SEO by OnKitz

Book Marking: OnKitz affordable SEO package will use high valued and respected Web2.0 sites to bookmark all new back links, social media and articles to guarantee Google indexing and search presence. Once you have placed blog posts, social media crumbs and articles online, they need to be indexed by Google and other search engines. Using an “in house” built proprietary system, we make sure that ALL search engines find the content fast, and give it the credit it deserves.

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